A food ordering app for restaurants


A food ordering app that can be “white labeled” by restaurants. It provides the same functionality as popular food ordering apps but puts the restaurant in control of pricing and delivery options. This leads to more reasonable costs for consumers and higher revenues for restaurants.

  • Zippora is a powerful phone app that can be branded by restaurants,it is designed using restaurant graphics, and easily modified to change menus and other unique features.Restaurant customers use the app to place orders, so the restaurant can coordinate the kitchen, track deliveries and collect payments.

  • Role-Based Access allows restaurant administration, kitchen supervisors, and delivery people to all receive just the information they need by desktop access or smart phone. An integrated payment process collects payments by credit card and payment services such as PayPal. Zippora is deployed in the cloud, encrypted and delivered as “Software as a Service” all in a simple, secure phone app.

    Zippora is a branded mobile food app for restaurants. Customers place orders, and pay online. The restaurant can instantly change menus, coordinate the kitchen, track deliveries and collect payments. All using a secure, encrypted iOS/Android cross-platform mobile app, hosted in the cloud and delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS).