A mobile app and backend system for doctors, patients and pharmacies to send and fulfill (medical) prescriptions.


Suitable for pharmacy and/or hospital chains with integrated outpatient pharmacies. Save lives by reducing drug interactions and adverse reactions. Reduces wait times and increases efficiency at pharmacies. Data captured by the system will yield valuable insights for pharmacies into consumer and doctor behavior. eHanu supports electronic payment for prescriptions, then schedules pickup and can even track delivery of prescribed medications.

  • eHanu offers pharmacies safe and secure prescription fulfillment and prescription delivery. Electronic prescription transmission allows doctors to send prescriptions electronically as usual, or via scanned paper prescription. The pharmacy may reject an order if they do not have stock. Or they can forward the prescription to an alternate pharmacy. If stock is available, a notification is sent to the customer’s phone when the prescription is ready for pick-up or delivery.
  • Customers conveniently know when their prescriptions are ready, saving unnecessary trips, and then receive information about the drugs, anywhere they are. They can also pay electronically - a convenience for both the customer and the pharmacy.
  • Pharmacies can use eHanu to promote brand loyality by special promotions. All while reducing congestion at the store, reducing lost sales and redundant paperwork. But the greatest benefit for pharmacies may be the insights into consumer and doctor behavior they get as the result of app analytics.
  • Doctors can use eHanu to securely share health records and automatically enter the prescription information into the patient’s health and medical record to avoid adverse drug interactions.
  • eHanu is cloud deployed , encrypted as “Software as a Service (SaaS), and can be accessed via the native app or desktop.