Technology is accelerating at warp speed. And at the very center of this dynamic…is engineering. Engineering is also at the center of everything Ontash does. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, listening to a client’s list of requirements, collaborating in teams across continents, then applying science and mathematics to bend matter and energy into solutions…always with open and questioning minds seeking the simplest, most elegant path to success.

It has been said of engineers, that the measure of their expertise can often be seen in the tools they use. Ontash tools include Ruby on Rails, Java/Spring, Clojure/Luminus, Python/Django, R, Cordoba and React Native. But the tool belt is constantly changing as technology yields new, ingenious ways to approach problems and their solutions. The search for better tools and better process is a daily exercise at Ontash.

To learn more about Ontash Engineering Philosophy and Practice please follow this link: Engineering.