Customer Relationship Management Software for small and medium sized enterprises.


For business owners who want Customer Relationship Management software built into their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, Ontash offers Odoo CRM , which integrates seamlessly with all other parts of the business. For those looking for a simple, powerful stand-alone CRM solution, Ontash offers SugarCRM. Ontash has been using, reselling, customizing and servicing SugarCRM for the past 14 years, Ontash will help you select the right package for your business and customize it for your business needs.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Create and execute integrated marketing programs using personalized email blasts, SMS, and social media - driving qualified leads to your website or call center. Advanced analytics shows you in real time, what is working and what is not - so you can modify your marketing efforts on the fly.

  • Sales Automation
  • Give your sales team what they need to succeed. Simple, intuitive contact reports help them qualify sales leads, record interactions, schedule appointments, emails or follow-up calls. Then load the pipeline with important information such as the likelihood of  sale, low-medium-high revenue forecasts, estimated closing time...everything needed to establish reasonable goals for the salesperson and a useful forecasting tool for management.

  • Customer Service
  • A unified interface empowers service agents to be more productive, to know their customers better than ever, their purchasing history, personal contact information, repeat orders, resources required to service the client - all the information needed to provide a whole new level of customer service.

  • Revenue Analytics
  • A “time-aware” approach to revenue analytics tracks metrics and historical performance to provide proactive insights into issues and opportunities. Data mined from sales, lost sales, recurring sales and all sources of revenue, allow you to leverage information to drive more efficient and profitable operations across all lines of business.