Quality Assurance

Software bugs, usability problems, security loopholes, browser compatibility, slow performance reduce your business efficiency and costs you money. Ontash can show you how to find and reduce these problems,across all platforms before and after you deploy your software.


Strategic Consulting

Let’s talk. We offer free cunsulting. Tell us your unique business needs. We’ll analyze your operation, the competitive landscape, your existing technology and infrastructure. Then we’ll come back with a high-level proposal, some choices, pros & cons.

With over 27 years in the custom software space, Ontash has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. Knowledge that includes hands-on experience with a wide variety of platforms, from web based applications to native apps and hybrid mobile apps, to Customer Management Systems and huge Enterprise Resource Planning implementations. If you like the way we think…and would like to explore taking your business to the next level, we would be happy to formalize our relationship, and get to work.


Project Management

Ontash uses an Agile methodology and its own internal “best practices” to plan, estimate, monitor and contract software projects. This incorporates internal reviews, feedback from stakeholders and extensive QA to ensure projects across all platforms are delivered on-time and within budget.

Successful project management is primarily about building a culture among project stakeholders (users, developers, customers, managers, QA engineers, etc.), one that is honest, transparent, and where everything moves toward improving the product.

The process is further supported by various software tools. The Ontash Agile methodology features short (usually 1-2 week) sprints. And best practices are ever-evolving.


AI and Predictive Data Analytics

Extract valuable insights from your data using reporting & visualization tools. Model your domain using Machine Learning and/or Rule Based AI Engines to make actionable predictions on what is going to happen next. Ontash can show you how to get the most insights out of your data.

There are multiple approaches to getting the most out of your data. First you have to build an infrastructure to capture data from where it is produced, and store it for analysis.

Analysis can be as simple as looking at your data using a reporting or visualization tool such as Tableau or JasperReports and also using conventional statistical analyses using tools like RStudio.

For more sophisticated analysis one can build AI engines to infer patterns in the data by programming rules provided by domain experts. In the case where this is not possible, or if one is trying to discover patterns which experts do not already comprehend, one can use machine learning to build a model of your data. This model can then be used on new data to make predictions on what will happen next.


Cloud Engineering

Almost all IT systems today are deployed on either a public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform), a private (on premise) cloud or hybrid cloud. Ontash can plan, implement and monitor your cloud strategy.

Ontash has implemented a private cloud which it uses for development purposes and regularly uses Azure and AWS clouds for customer-facing applications.


Sustaining Engineering

The job is not finished when you deploy new software. Sustaining Engineering has to do with what comes next, which is monitoring, updating, securing and in general doing what is needed to mainatain software productivity for the long term.


Embedded Systems

Computers are everywhere, not just on your Laptop or Cloud Server. They are in household appliances, your car, your sound system, the thermostat, electrical systems, agricultural systems and in the machines on your factory floor. Ontash can design a dedicated computer solution for a variety of tasks including Face Recognition Systems, Embedded AI, Feature detection in video streams, fingerprint readers, GPS Tracking for vehicles, speech recognition interface and factory or home automation.



DevOps practices combine software development, Quality Assurance, Release Management, Deployment and Operations.

The holy grail is a seamless and automated DevOps process where releases (changes to software) can be made multiple times a day if needed. This means automating the merging of software changes from different developers, building software, performing QA tests and deploying to production with the option of quickly undoing the last step if a problem were encountered. Ontash can show you how to do this.


Mobile & Web Application Development

More than half of all web searches are conducted using mobile devices, and research shows the trend toward mobile usage is growing.

That’s why Ontash web development always begins and ends with responsive design – and how the site communicates via the tiniest phones to the largest desktops. But responsive design doesn’t always provide all the remote functionality a growing business needs. When network connectivity cannot be taken for granted, when response time needs to be very fast, or when the application needs special access to hardware features (e.g. accelerometer, camera, etc.) – the answer may be a hybrid mobile app or native app. Whether iOS, Windows or Android, Ontash has the experience and know-how to put the needed functionality in your pocket.


CRM - Customer Relationship Management Systems

One of the first indications that a business is outgrowing its software, is when marketing and sales seem to be out-of-synch. Marketing campaigns are driving prospects to your website, the sales pipeline is filled with leads. But leads are not converting to sales. A good CRM system could be the answer to this problem and more.

CRM software will allow you to launch marketing campaigns using email, telephone, SMS, social media and website lead capture. Then, with advanced analytics, the CRM will display real-time results – so you can modify messaging and media channels – so you can make changes on the fly. Sales team members are given ownership and responsibility for accounts, leads, opportunities with expected volumes and closing dates. No longer will it remain a mystery as to “what happened to all those leads?” Ontash can implement a stand-alone CRM system like SugarCRM, or an integrated CRM module within an Enterprise Resource Planning system.


ERP Systems - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the ultimate software solution for any business. At one time, not long ago, software with this ability to manage all aspects of a business was the province of very large businesses only. Today, with ERP systems like Odoo, the ERP system can be implemented in modules, very cost-effectively.

When a business is forced to use multiple software systems, bolted together and working autonomously, the same information must be entered into different systems over and over…with each keystroke offering another opportunity for error. A completely integrated ERP system will have custom workflows between all business areas. So an email campaign will create a sales lead, which will be converted to a sale, which will trigger an invoice, which will trigger a sales commission, which will trigger an impact on general ledger, which will reduce inventory to minimum stocking levels, which will trigger a purchase order, which will result in new stock on dock, which will be inventoried and accounted for in finance. Everything showing up on a dashboard, with fewer keystrokes, fewer errors and greatly increased efficiency.


Onshore and Offshore Resources

With headquarters in Rochelle Park, NJ and offices in Sri Lanka and India, Ontash has a large talent pool of engineers to meet your implementation needs in a cost-effective way.

Local talent is available for Project Management and technical Leadership in a time zone near you. Offshore, a pool of very talented engineers provide systems architecture, coding, GUI and design expertise. It is common practice for local project management to issue a work requirement at the end of the business day. And the requirement is filled by first thing the next morning.


UX Design

Ontash has one overriding imperative when it comes to user experience(UX) design: “keep it simple & intuitive.” With this imperative in mind, Ontash ux design insures that our solutions are accessible, and “usable” across all platforms. Responsive design optimizes the look, feel and message delivery across all screen sizes including mobile phones, desktop browsers, Social Media, SMS, video, speech, telephony, and VR systems.