Odoo ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for small and medium sized businesses.


Odoo is a mature (15+ year old) Enterprise Resource Planning solution, perfectly priced and featured to offer small and medium sized businesses a total end-to-end software platform. Odoo can be deployed in a cloud or hosted on-premises. Odoo ERP comes in two versions: (1) Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning software that is perfect for the business that has never had ERP software. There are no licensing fees for open source Odoo. Yet it can still run every aspect of a small to medium-sized business, with E-commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Website, Accounting, Purchasing, Inventory, and Human Resource Management systems.

(2) For businesses that need more robust features, there is the proprietary full service Odoo. Powerful, flexible, scalable, modular…the full service ODOO ERP is highly customizable and facilitates specialized workflows that adapt to your business, the way you want to run it.

  • eCommerce
  • Odoo allows you to customize product literature and specifications in seconds. And payments are optimized and integrated with other areas of the business. Online payments will automatically register the sale with accounting, finance and inventory,  prepare shipping manifests, alert carriers and track shipping.

  • Website
  • Choose from hundreds of templates and variations, for the look and feel you want from your website. Drop in pictures, specs, artwork while entering and modifying type using regular desktop word processing. All Odoo templates have built-in responsive design that allows you to preview page displays on mobile devices, as well as the ability to customize the responsive design to fit your needs. Add blog modules, live chat and newsletters to your Odoo site. You can even utilize a translation tool if you work across borders and languages.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • The better a business can manage its relationships with customers and prospects, the more successful it will be. The Odoo CRM module, seamlessly integrates with the rest of Odoo ERP. Customizable Dashboards that can display all aspects of marketing, advertising and sales. Create direct response campaigns with email, SMP or voice. Utilize analytics that will tell you in real time, just how your marketing is doing. Change messaging and/or channels at any time. A drag and drop interface for Pipeline Management allows you to assign leads to the sales team and track progress from lead to opportunity to closure

    Odoo CRM Lead Management understands just how valuable your sales leads are to your business. Odoo CRM features tell you where the leads come from: email, SMS, call center, voice, cold calls, so you know in real time what’s working. Then assign a value to the lead, so you can prioritize importance and allocate resources to the opportunity…mine the lead database for important insights. Keep track of quotations And otherwise wring every dollar out of your marketing investment.

    Sales Support features include automated quotation and sales orders by product, all rolled-up into a real time sales report.

    But the most important aspect of Odoo CRM, is how it seamlessly integrates with all other Odoo modules. Like...

  • Accounting
  • Odoo Accounting software is typically integrated with all other Odoo modules. For instance, a sales order in Odoo CRM will impact inventory, purchasing and HRMS – all impacting Accounting. Odoo Accounting offers multi-company support across multiple currencies. Customers and vendors alike receive strict rules-based workflows designed to reduce errors in data entry and facilitate a nimble, efficient platform to simplify Account Reconcilation, Payments Management, Journal Entry Management, Inventory Valuation, Chart of Accounts and Tax Management. Manage fiscal years by pulling Accounting Reports for Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Tax Reports and Trial Balance.

  • Purchasing
  • While sales data is carried from CRM to Accounting, it simultaneously impacts inventory, and when minimum stocking levels are reached, custom workflows trigger RFQs, proposals are compared, and once you select a vendor, a purchase order is prepared and Accounting once again, is impacted.

  • Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS)
  • Odoo HRMS Employee Management encompasses all aspects of human capital. The Recruitment Process Management feature facilitates recruitment, allowing you to post openings, manage applications, and proffer online offers. Then Contract Management automates onboarding/offboarding. Once the employee is onboard, Odoo HRMS tracks leave and attendance while Project Management incorporates tasks from sales orders, in order to forecast resources needed. Finally, Odoo HRMS automates payroll with withholding, taxes, direct deposits, paychecks and all that this entails.

  • Inventory
  • Like all other Odoo modules, inventory features are integrated throughout the Odoo platform. Barcodes, often using native mobile apps, track and adjusts inventory in multiple locations by products and warehouses. Transfer stock internally from location to location, print shipping manifests and manage shipping and delivery – all from dashboard reports.

  • Vertical Solutions
  • Ontash has deployed Odoo ERP for several vertical applications including:

    • Hospital Management – CHOMS
    • Human Resources Management – HRMS
    • Customer Relationship Management – CRM
    • Fleet Management – with GPS Tracking