Odoo ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software for small and medium sized businesses.


Odoo is a mature (15+ year old) Enterprise Resource Planning solution, perfectly priced and featured to offer small and medium sized businesses a total end-to-end software platform. Odoo can be purchased in one of two versions: (1) Standard, which is less expensive, but is only available online, and for the most part, limited to out-of-box functionality; or (2) Custom, which can be hosted in a 3 rd party cloud, on premises or on Odoo’s cloud (Odoo.sh). The Custom version also comes with tools that implementation partners can use to customize solutions – just the way the customer want’s it. And Odoo offers all 47+ apps for under $300 per user per year (Standard Version) or $450 for the Custom Version (first 12 months, new customers only). For more information, visit the Odoo website: https://www.odoo.com.


ERP installations will typically require features not available in the basic software package. Ontash has the engineering resources to meet these challenges and deliver systems that fulfill client needs. Ontash has created several custom modules for Odoo, enhancing system capabilities and providing features not available out-of-box. One customization provides Monthly Statements for customers showing invoices paid, not paid, and the balance forward.

Ontash has customized the Odoo Partner Ledger displaying customer Monthly Statements, showing all invoice and payment transactions as well as accrued interest for “past due” invoices.

Ontash has also created a custom module allowing version 15 users to charge a credit card at Point Of Sale for purchases.

Ontash has customized a payment gateway using Stripe (third party) allowing users a credit card payment option at Point Of Sale integrated into Odoo Version 15.

Most recently, Ontash is offering a module that provides a payment gateway for John Deere customers – to charge items at POS as well as unpaid Sales Order/Invoices to their John Deere Multi-Use account. The module integrates with inventory, accounting and finance for Odoo Version 15 and 16 users. Follow this link to a demo video: link

The Ontash Agriculture Financial Services module offers a gateway that accepts a John Deere Financial payment, integrated directly into Odoo version 15 or 16 for POS and Sales Order invoices.

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