Ontash, Inc.

Odoo Test Drive Promotion

Rules & Regulations

May 24, 2022

Any business enterprise that requests an Odoo demonstration from Ontash within the promotional period of June 1st through August 31st, 2022, and then purchases an Odoo license by December 31, 2022 - will receive a $1000 credit against Ontash invoicing for implementing Odoo for said business enterprise.

Ontash pricing is contingent upon written software requirements, usually within an RFP format, for software implementation. The business enterprise may seek bids from other software providers using the same requirements/RFP. Ontash is therefore compelled to make its best, most competitive bid, and Ontash guarantees bid pricing plus/minus 5%, if original requirements are not changed.

Business enterprises that request an Odoo demo from Ontash within the promotional period, will receive an award certificate that may be presented to Ontash when designating Ontash as their Odoo implementation partner. The service agreement between Ontash and the business enterprise will include a “Payment Of Fees“ clause that includes application of the awards certificate credit against fees.

The Ontash, Inc. Odoo Test Drive Promotion is subject to the laws of New Jersey and the Federal Government.

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