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Harnessing data. Serving up solutions. For over 20 years.

Ontash Systems Inc.

Ontash was founded in 1993, when the world was just beginning to learn of the transformative power of the Internet. But even in the earliest years, it was apparent that access to unlimited amounts of data had no benefit, unless it was organized to reveal meaningful insights. With a progressive team of technologists, working out of offices in Guttenburg, NJ, Ontash has refined this ability to organize seemingly random bits of data in a variety of ways.

  • Creating web-based platforms for branding, engaging, relationship building, buying and selling.
  • Developing Cloud solutions, so that Fortune 500 companies can run their enterprises from desktop dashboards.
  • Designing and developing native and hybrid mobile apps to drive retail traffic, educate, entertain and build customer relationships.
  • Writing APIs that tame enormous government databases and reveal insights for marketing, customer service and revenue cycle decisions.
  • Creating software for shipping companies, to automate logistics, saving time and money.

Ontash currently employs 40 tech visionaries out of offices in New Jersey, India and Sri Lanka. But rather than focus exclusively on the “left brain” analytical side of technology, Ontash has also devoted considerable resources in “right brain” talent that adds a creative elements to all products and services. The objective: simple, user-friendly, well designed products that work.