Helping move business forward for over 20 years

Simple, user-friendly, well designed products & services that work

Websites that brand and excite

Open source, web services that engage and transact

Information that transforms

Data Mining & AI tools that illuminate opportunities and impact operations

Government contracts

Mobile Solutions

Secure (HIPPA & Section 8) compliant native apps. Development experience using IOS, Android and hybrid operating systems. Simple GUI designs for ease-of-use.

Enterprise Software

Online applications for marketing, process automation, modeling, real-time analytics and CRM.

Cloud Services

Cloud based services ranging from Enterprise Cloud Strategic Planning to scalable web applications, multi-platform database hosting and integration.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Leaders in Extract-Transform- Load (ETL) technologies. Expertise in HHS/CMS Data mining for Medicare reimbursement opportunities.
All Health Care IT services are HIPPA compliant.